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CapTel Phone

What is the CapTel Phone?

The Hamilton CapTel Phone is the most advanced "captioned telephone" available today. Packed with useful calling features, the CapTel Phone is as easy to use as a traditional telephone. Of course the difference is that you can read every word a caller says throughout your phone conversation. The CapTel Phone requires both a single analog or digital phone line (DSL with filter, cable phone, VOIP, etc.) and a high-speed Internet connection via ethernet or WiFi.

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The CapTel Captioned Telephone is designed for people who have difficulty hearing over the phone. People who do not require captioning support for their telephone calls should only use the CapTel phone with the CAPTIONS featured turned off. The CapTel phone is intended to facilitate telephone communication between two or more parties on a telephone call. Any other use of the phone is considered a violation or misuse of the service.