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Hamilton Relay Launches Innovative Web Captioned Telephone (CapTel®) Nationwide

(March 4, 2008)

AURORA, NE – Hamilton Relay today announced the availability of Hamilton Web CapTel®. CapTel is a service designed for individuals who have difficulty hearing on the telephone, where captions, similar to the closed captioning provided on most television programs, are offered to support the understanding of telephone conversations. Previously available only through State Relay programs and with a specialized CapTel phone, individuals nationwide can now make CapTel calls via the Web. Web CapTel works with any type of telephone and any type of Internet access device. Hamilton Web CapTel is available at www.hamiltoncaptel.com.

Hamilton Web CapTel requires no special equipment. Along with a standard telephone or mobile phone, individuals can see every word a caller says on a computer screen. All that is required is an Internet connection and a computer or laptop with a standard web browser – no special equipment or special software is needed. Individuals can listen to the caller and read the written captions of everything the caller says.

Hamilton Web CapTel works by providing two telephone numbers, your telephone number and the telephone number you wish to call. When you place a call, the Web CapTel Service calls your number first, then the number of the person you wish to call. You will be able to see the captioning page from the computer monitor and once you answer your telephone, captions will begin and the system is calling out to the person you wish to call. When you are waiting to receive a call, a person dials Hamilton Web CapTel Service at 1-800-933-7219. Web CapTel Service checks to see if you are logged on and waiting for calls, then places a call to your telephone number where you are waiting.

"Hamilton is thrilled to introduce Hamilton Web CapTel," says Dixie Ziegler, Vice President of Hamilton Relay. "This exciting web-based service expands Hamilton's CapTel offering by bringing the flexibility and mobility of the Internet to the CapTel experience that so many people have come to enjoy. Individuals who have missed out on what was being said during a telephone conversation no longer need to. Hamilton Web CapTel allows individuals with hearing loss to 'see what they say.'"

Individuals will view telephone conversations word by word, phrase by phrase, on-screen as the conversation takes place. There is no charge for using Hamilton Web CapTel.

Individuals and organizations who would like more information are encouraged to contact a Hamilton Relay Representative at 800-618-4781 (Voice/TTY) or via Email at help@hamiltoncaptel.com.

About Hamilton Relay
Hamilton Relay offers a variety of services including Internet Relay, Wireless Relay and CapTel. All services are available at www.hamiltonrelay.com. Hamilton Relay provides traditional relay services to 15 states, the Island of Saipan and the Virgin Islands.

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