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Introducing the Hamilton CapTel® Call Me #

(March 7, 2013)

The Hamilton CapTel Call Me # is a personal phone number that makes it possible to receive captioned calls on a PC/Mac, Smartphone and Tablet. By sharing this single phone number with family, friends and business contacts, they can call a Hamilton CapTel user who's using one of these devices directly – without first having to dial a toll-free number.

With Hamilton CapTel, users can listen while reading captions of what's being said to them on the device of their choice – and now, it simply takes one number to reach them on any of the devices they use!

If you already have a Hamilton CapTel account, simply log into your account to get your Call Me #!

If you're new to Hamilton CapTel, follow these three easy steps to register and receive your Hamilton CapTel Call Me #:

1. Visit HamiltonCapTel.com/login
2. Click on "Register" and then complete the form
3. Once your account is established, log into your account to receive your new Hamilton CapTel Call Me #

It's so simple! Just one number to share and so many calls to answer – be sure to get your Hamilton CapTel Call Me # today!