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(April 1, 2009)

DALLAS — Today, from the American Academy of Audiologists conference, AudiologyNOW!, Hamilton CapTel introduced the CapTel 800i® captioned telephone. Designed for individuals who have difficulty hearing on the phone, Hamilton CapTel is a free service which will soon be available across the United States on the CapTel 800i.

Developed by Ultratec, Inc., Captioned Telephone ("CapTel") allows people with significant hearing loss to read captioned transcriptions of their telephone conversations. Captions are provided by a service that connects to each call. Using advanced voice-recognition technology, a specially-trained operator at the service re-voices everything the other party says to transcribe the captions, allowing the CapTel user to effectively use the phone.

The latest addition to the Hamilton CapTel family of solutions — the CapTel 800i — uses an existing phone service (either analog or digital) for the voice portion of the call, combined with a high-speed Internet connection to deliver captions on incoming and outgoing calls. The CapTel 800i will soon be available through participating audiologists.

"With the revolutionary way this phone delivers captions over the Internet, we are thrilled to add the CapTel 800i to our family of solutions. For some individuals who have not been able to use captioned telephone in the past, the CapTel 800i allows us to deliver the life changing benefits of Hamilton CapTel," said Anne Girard, director of marketing for Hamilton CapTel. "For individuals with difficulty hearing over the phone, seeing what's said restores their functional ability to effectively use the phone."

"The text-based capabilities of the Internet make it an ideal way to deliver the captions for a CapTel call," stated Robert Engelke, President of Ultratec, Inc. "As more and more options become available for telephone services, we are pleased to offer CapTel solutions that take advantage of these latest technologies."

About Hamilton CapTel

Hamilton CapTel is a service of Hamilton Relay, a division of Hamilton Telecommunications, a diversified communications and technology services provider based in Aurora, Neb. Founded in 1901, Hamilton Telecommunications has grown to encompass eight primary company divisions allowing Hamilton to operate on a local, regional and national basis. For more information about Hamilton CapTel, please visit www.hamiltoncaptel.com.

About Ultratec, Inc.

Located in Madison, Wis., Ultratec, Inc. is the world's leading manufacturer of text telecommunications equipment for people who are deaf or hard of hearing. Since 1978, the company has been instrumental in developing new technologies that allow people with hearing loss to communicate over the phone. For more information about Ultratec, please visit www.Ultratec.com.

CapTel is a registered trademark of Ultratec, Inc.