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(April 1, 2009)

Hearing Professionals Now Able to Recommend CapTel Service in Their Offices

DALLAS — Hamilton CapTel announced a distribution relationship with Ear Professionals International Corporation (EPIC, Inc.) today during the American Academy of Audiologists AudiologyNOW! conference. This new relationship extends the family of Hamilton CapTel solutions to consumers through their audiologist: the person on whom they depend to resolve their hearing difficulties.

Hamilton CapTel allows those with hearing loss to read captioned transcriptions of what the other party is saying during telephone conversations. Using advanced voice-recognition technology, a specially-trained operator re-voices everything the other party says, thus allowing the Hamilton CapTel user to effectively use the phone.

Brad Volkmer, EPIC president and CEO said, "EPIC's network of hearing healthcare physicians and audiologists distinguish themselves by providing total diagnostic hearing assessments and complete solutions for their patients, and still many patients report having difficulty hearing over the phone. While there are many tools currently available to address this concern, some patients have not found satisfactory resolution. With the ability to recommend Hamilton CapTel, our audiologists round out their list of viable solutions for patients."

EPIC unites physicians and hearing health specialists with the best diagnostic and rehabilitative audiologists in the country. Currently, EPIC has several thousand audiologists in its network who provide comprehensive hearing health care services for their patients. The company has the distinction of introducing the first national hearing health care plan adopted by numerous companies across the country.

"Hamilton CapTel and EPIC, Inc., will work together closely to create awareness in the professional community about Hamilton CapTel services," said Susan Ramirez, director of business development and operations for EPIC. "Many people aren't yet aware of the benefits CapTel offers, and this relationship will allow us to promote an effective solution directly to both hearing professionals and consumers across the country."

John Nelson, president of Hamilton Relay, stated, "Often, people who have difficulty hearing over the phone seek resolution for this concern in the office of their audiologists. This relationship with EPIC allows its network members to now offer this solution directly to the people who can most benefit."

About Hamilton CapTel

Hamilton CapTel is a service of Hamilton Relay, a division of Hamilton Telecommunications, a diversified communications and technology services provider based in Aurora, Neb. Founded in 1901, Hamilton Telecommunications has grown to encompass eight primary company divisions allowing Hamilton to operate on a local, regional and national basis. For more information about Hamilton CapTel, please visit www.hamiltoncaptel.com.

About EPIC

Established in 1997, EPIC (Ear Professionals International Corporation) is a broad network of audiologists and otolaryngologists (e.g., Ears, Nose & Throat specialists), and healthcare administrators. Formed in 1997, the organization operates in 50 states and promotes and provides a variety of hearing care services to people with hearing loss through its first-of-a-kind EPIC Hearing Service Plan (HSP). For more information, please visit www.epichearing.com.