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(April 1, 2009)

Hearing Professionals Now Able to Recommend CapTel Service in Their Offices

DALLAS — Today, from the American Academy of Audiologists conference, AudiologyNOW!, Hamilton CapTel announced a distribution relationship with Oaktree Products, Inc., one of the largest suppliers of hearing aid supplies, accessories and audiology equipment in the United States. Historically, patients have looked to their audiologist to resolve their difficulties hearing on the telephone. As a result of this new relationship, audiologists who are affiliated with Oaktree are able to extend the benefits of Hamilton CapTel directly to their patients.

"In surveys conducted by audiology and hearing aid publications, the most often reported concern from people with hearing loss is difficulty using the telephone. It is a consistent patient issue," said Bob Kemp, founder and owner of Oaktree Products. "The most common solutions previously recommended by audiologists have included telecoil-equipped hearing aids and amplified telephones. These solutions are viable for many, but not for all. CapTel is a great service for those who may not benefit from other solutions."

Hamilton CapTel allows people with hearing loss to read captioned transcriptions of what the other party is saying during telephone conversations. Using advanced voice-recognition technology, a specially-trained operator re-voices everything the other party says, allowing the Hamilton CapTel user to effectively use the phone.

Frank Endres, national CapTel program manager for Hamilton CapTel, believes the relationship between Hamilton and Oaktree paves the way for affiliated audiologists across the country to easily recommend Hamilton CapTel services to their patients.

"Oaktree is a knowledgeable and respected resource for audiologists throughout the United States, and we're pleased to align ourselves with them," Endres said.

John Nelson, president of Hamilton Relay, stated, "Now, as a result of this new relationship, when people with difficulty hearing over the phone seek resolution in their audiologists' office, Oaktree hearing healthcare professionals are able to offer the benefits of Hamilton CapTel directly."

About Hamilton CapTel

Hamilton CapTel is a service of Hamilton Relay, a division of Hamilton Telecommunications, a diversified communications and technology services provider based in Aurora, Neb. Founded in 1901, Hamilton Telecommunications has grown to encompass eight primary company divisions allowing Hamilton to operate on a local, regional and national basis. For more information about Hamilton CapTel, please visit www.hamiltoncaptel.com.

About Oaktree Products, Inc.

For over 17 years, Oaktree Products, Inc. has been a well-known supplier of audiology and hearing aid supplies, accessories and equipment. Oaktree serves as a resource for speech-language pathologists and audiologists. Its comprehensive catalog and user-friendly website offer over 3,000 products, providing a one-stop-shop for busy clinicians. As an infection control and ALD authority, Oaktree provides education, training, and business development guidance to help speech-language pathologists and audiologists to grow their business. For more information, visit www.oaktreeproducts.com.