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Hamilton CapTel Registration

In order to process your Hamilton CapTel calls securely and accurately, you must first register. This is a simple, one-time process, which will allow you to place and receive captioned calls any time you are logged in with Hamilton CapTel. You can click here to begin the registration process immediately.

Captioned Telephone Service is regulated and funded by the Federal Communications Commission (FCC). In order to use Hamilton CapTel service, the FCC requires that individuals must self-certify that they have a hearing loss and need Internet Protocol Captioned Telephone Service (IP CTS) to communicate over the telephone. Upon registering, you must acknowledge that you:

  1. have a hearing loss that necessitates IP Captioned Telephone Service to communicate in a manner that is functionally equivalent to communication by conventional voice telephone users;
  2. understand that the captioning service is provided by a live captioning assistant;
  3. and understand that the cost of the IP Captioned Telephone Service calls is funded by the Telecommunications Relay Service Fund managed and regulated by the FCC.

Once you have completed the On-line Registration Form, you will receive an email from us and you can start placing and receiving calls!

In addition, some of the information that you provide during the Registration process will be available via the Profile tab which can be updated at any time you are logged into your account. When logged into your Hamilton CapTel account, you can find the Profile tab located in the main menu.

After you are registered, you will have the option to obtain your Hamilton CapTel Call Me #. This will allow callers to dial a single number, which allows you to receive captions when logged into your account whether on a PC/Mac, Smartphone or Tablet. If there are any questions or concerns about obtaining your Call Me #, please contact our Customer Care representatives!

Click here to begin the Registration Process.

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