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Join the Hamilton CapTel®
Senior Care Program and
give seniors with hearing loss
the confidence to answer the
phone again – at no-cost*.

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We often take the telephone for granted, but it’s an instant connection to family, friends and caregivers. However, when you just can’t hear on the phone, the frustration can become so great that using it just isn’t an option. For seniors with hearing loss living at home, this can result in feelings of isolation and depression.

Fortunately, Hamilton CapTel has a solution that makes amazingly clear phone conversations possible – even for seniors with hearing loss. Designed to supplement existing hearing loss solutions, the Hamilton CapTel phone is the most advanced captioned telephone available, making it possible to listen and read word-for-word captions of everything said to you on the phone - similar to captions on television. The result is clarity and confidence on every call.

Right now, through the Hamilton CapTel Senior Care Program, both the Hamilton CapTel captioning service and phone are available at no-cost* to seniors with a certified hearing loss.

In addition, as a service provider, we have complimentary promotional materials – including demo phones and brochures – that you can use to show seniors how Hamilton CapTel works. You can even arrange installation support.

So join the one program designed to reconnect seniors with the people they care about the most.

Join the Hamilton CapTel Senior Care Program

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